Executive Protection
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Executive protection services are designed to mitigate risk for individuals whose reputations, prominence, wealth, travel itineraries or occupations require heightened personal security. Our approach to executive protection is based on the following:

We build our programs around a clear understanding of the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities facing the principal.

We customize our programs to the principal's individual preferences and needs.

Our personnel are well trained and carefully selected for each program, so we deliver the best mix of hard and soft skills.

Our services are scalable worldwide, so we can respond to our clients evolving security needs quickly and reliably.

Private Investigators International LLC has extensive experience providing executive protection services on behalf of:



Foreign business leaders

Politicians and diplomats

High net-worth individuals

At Private Investigators International LLC, we provide a range of VIP security options, always customized to meet the client's needs. Some examples of what we provide include:

High-profile social events

Red carpets

Corporate events

Hostile terminations

High-stakes negotiations

Secure transport of valuable cargo

Travel escort services

Estate security

Site security services

Executive protection services may be limited to travel only to certain destinations, or the principal, and his or her family might require 24/7 coverage at home, at work and school, or while traveling anywhere in the world.

Close protection as needed at home, at work or on the road. Our executive protection services also include protective surveillance and covert protection

Secure travel services that provide security drivers, vehicles and protective personnel as needed anywhere in the world. Traveler tracking and emergency evacuations are also available.

Event Security & Site Security provides comprehensive planning, implementation, and staffing to protect events or sites worldwide.

Residential security services provide our clients with individualized home security for principals and families through a combination of personnel and technology.