Investigative Services
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When you have questions that you absolutely must have the answers to, a great private investigations team can make all the difference. Our team has the extensive training and experience you need to help you get back on the path towards peace of mind. Whether your case deals with infidelity, child custody, fraud investigation or personal surveillance, our team is here to get you the answers to all of your questions.

Fraud Investigations


Fraud can take a variety of forms. Insurance fraud is a booming business these days, as some people file false claims for financial benefit. Other forms of fraud include workers compensation scams, where employees fake injury to defraud their bosses, and mortgage fraud, in which participants intentionally misrepresent data involved in real estate transactions. Our highly trained investigators will uncover these types of scams and compile evidence that may be used in court.

Social Media Investigations


Social media has become an important part of our everyday lives. For private investigators, it's also a source of useful information. For example, an increasing number of child custody and divorce cases involve social media evidence. Our social media surveillance service will scrutinize Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and similar sites for evidence of cheating and other types of misconduct. Take advantage of the tools that only a trained private investigator can provide.

Child Custody Investigations


Do you want to get custody of your child? Are you dealing with an uncooperative ex-spouse? We can help! Often in child custody and divorce matters, the one who wins is the one that has hired a private investigator to "get the evidence".

Cheating Spouse Investigations

If you suspect your spouse or lover is having an affair, find out! Peace of mind comes with knowing either way. If your spouse turns out to be having an affair, it is important to find out for financial and personal reasons. In most cases a spouses intuition usually proves correct.